Sara and Sydney

Besides my dog Chloe, Sara and Sydney (belonging to my parents) are the most photographed dogs on my computer. You may recognize them from my "Dogs" gallery or prior blog posts. We wanted to get some new pictures of the girls for the holidays... so I thought I'd share. Sara (brown/black) is incredibly photogenic. Sydney (black) takes a little more work. However it doesn't take much to get a good head tilt out of either of them. I hope the holiday season has been good to everyone so far. Enjoy it, it will be over before you know. sydneysara1

RW Wrinkles

RW Wrinkles is a 3.5 year old black lab. We started with some studio shots. Wrinkles is a lab; he likes balls. So getting him to look at anything but the ball (ya, I just said "the word") was nearly impossible. So I miiiiiiiiiight have digitally added the tennis ball into some of the pictures. You do what you gotta do. We managed to get some good studio shots and then headed outdoors to wear off some energy. Thanks Roxane for letting me shoot Wrinkles and, for the record, I think this will be the best Christmas present ever (but I'm biased)! I hope you enjoy the pictures. wrinkles1wrinkles2wrinkles3wrinkles4wrinkles5


Here are some pictures from my last shoot with a lab-mix named Sonny. This shoot didn't require a single treat. Sonny works for balls! It's been a long winter so the outdoor shots were a lot of fun. The slightly green grass signals to me that spring is here (even if the next day brought snow).


I imagine that in the shot below (right) Sonny is day dreaming of tennis balls.sonny4

Chewy and Nike

Here are some shots from a recent shot with Chewy (the collie mix) and Nike (the "something"  mix). They weren't too into my all natural dog treats at first but once the Beggin' Strips were brought out... then we were able to get some nice shots. Nike quickly learned that she didn't even have to wait for a treat since she could help herself to my treat pouch. chewynike1chewynike2chewynike3chewynike4

Sydney and Sara

Here are some pictures from a recent studio shoot I had with an Aussiedoodle named Sydney and a Sheltie-mix named Sara. Sara was a natural in front of the camera; Sydney took a little "coxing". sara1sara2sydney1sydney2sarasydney