Aida Mae and Willow - Milwaukee Dog Photography

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing duo of Aia Mae (Blue Heeler/Beagle Mix) and Willow (Australian Shepherd). I found out that Aida has an amazing talent. She can show off her butt on command. Very impressive when seen in person! Willow is deaf so after feeling a little foolish catching myself whistling to get her attention we figured things out and found that she's very photogenic. These two were a lot of fun to work with. If you ever want to say hi, Aida and Willow are regulars at Central Park Milwaukee Downtown where their mom is manager. Thanks Kate for a fun shoot. Enjoy the photos!

Buttons and Lucifer

I had a great time shooting Buttons and Lucifer. Buttons, the more out going striped Tabby, came out to greet me immediately while Lucifer took a little while longer. It was questionable whether Lucifer would make an appearance but she ended up being out the whole time (as long as I didn't make any sudden moves). I was really glad when Kristina contacted me to shoot her cats. I don't get to shoot nearly as many cats as I'd like to. They are a very different subject than dogs, but equally as great! So if you interested in getting your cat photographed please contact me. Thanks again Kristina for introducing me to Buttons and Lucifer and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

buttonslucifer1 buttonslucifer2 buttonslucifer3 buttonslucifer4